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Common Pond – blue-green algae project

Common Pond periodically suffers from blooms of blue-green algae which may be caused by shallow water areas leading to poor water circulation and a lack of oxygen.

This algae can be toxic to both people and animals and can be fatal to wildlife and pets and this has seen the pond closed to public and club access for health and safety reasons. Click here if you would like to read from more about the algae (Environment Agency leaflet).

As a result of this, committee members met and discussed the problem with Dr Helen Beardsley from the Environment Agency in 2013 and were advised of a course of action that could possibly remedy or at least reduce the likelyhood of blooms occurring.

The proposal is to reduce the shallow areas by installing boarded edging and back filling, thereby slightly increasing the water depth at the edge of the pond and allowing for more efficient wind driven water movement. (See document below).

The committee discussed and agreed the proposals but for various reasons have been unable to action the plan so far. However, there is a hope the plan will be revived, perhaps in 2017.

Download (common-pond-proposals2013.pdf,1.2MB)

Download (common-pond-proposals2013-pics.pdf,427KB)