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  • February 17, 2019 10:00Club match (Ellingham Hall Lake closed for duration of the match)
  • February 24, 2019 10:00Club match (Dunburgh closed for duration of the match)
  • February 26, 2019 19:30Committee meeting
  • March 3, 2019 10:00Club match (Lay-by Pit closed for duration of the match)
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Members information – motions passed at the Club AGM

For Members information please see the motions passed at the Clubs AGM:

  1. – New match payouts were agreed as to the following.
      1 – 7 people fishing = 1 payout.
      8 – 10 people fishing = 2 payouts.
      11- 13 people fishing = 3 payouts.
      14 + people fishing = 4 payouts.
  2. – The Clubs Equality and Diversity was updated and agreed to unanimously by the meeting.
  3. – The offer of some small carp priced at £1.50 per pound was voted on as to accept and replenish the Lay-by Lake. The motion was defeated by 11 votes to 8.
      (As Chairman I believe that this may not have been a wise move as next year when we will need to restock some Carp as with the management restocking plan of the Layby, it will cost the club considerably more. )
  4. – M. Tricker, M. Baldry, D. Lilley and T. Rose were nominated and voted on to the Club’s committee.
    We look forward to their input and help with the Club.
  5. – Paul Chapman stood down from the committee and as baliff. We thank him for his help. Also S. Lake and A. Ling stood down from the committee.

The AGM was attended by 28 people which considering the Club consists of some 300 plus members, is not a brilliant turnout. I would encourage all members, young and old, to attend this event as it is an opportunity to have a say about your club.

G. Shiplee (Chairman)

May workparty at the Lay-by Pit.

Again I would like to thank those who attended the workparty day at the Layby Pit. Although we only had 14 people attend, it was noticeable how much more we achieved than last year when only 8 attended. With a few extra bodies we could have done so much more. However, everyone put in a real mornings graft and for some considering their age this was no mean feat.
Once again thank you.
Coincidently, those who fished after into the afternoon, an exceptional finish to the day was had.

G. Shiplee (Chairman)