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Wainford Weir – proposal for reconstuction

As members are probably aware there have been a number of issues with this part of the River Waveney in the past with the most recent incident in September this year.

It has been recognised there are a number of problems with the effectiveness of the weir in terms of water flow and oxygenation.

The Environment Agency is looking at this issue (together with many others) and accepts there is a need to remodel the weir and adjoining water flows.

However, because the need has been recognised it doesn't mean the work will take place. EA is conducting a review of all potential works to prioritise and then find funding.

The Club has made its own submission to this review (see below) in order to help raise the profile and, hopefully, the importance of Wainford Weir to this review. Time will tell whether we are successful in getting this work scheduled.

Download (wainfordmill-weir-reconstruction-submission.pdf,1.05MB)