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Water for life and livelihoods: Challenges and choices

Consultation document

This is the second of three consultations, being carried out by the Environment Agency leading up to the creation of updated river basin management plans to protect and improve the water environment.

There are a number of issues which bear on the River Waveney and the club has consequently made submission to this report.

(Scroll down the page to view the Club's response and MP's letters of support)

Download (anglian_river_basin.pdf,1.66MB)

Relevance to the club

It's importance to the Club, and to other angling clubs in the Anglian Region lies in the evidence obtained and the actions taken in protecting and improving the quality of the rivers and lakes we fish.

There are already significant environmental problems with the River Waveney which are impacting on the quality of the water, the wildlife and the fish stocks but these, at present, do not appear to have been identified within this consultation document. In fact the River Waveney appears to have been ignored completely!

Consequently, Bungay Cherry Angling Club through the Secretary, Dave Gladwell, has made representation on a number of issues which are covered in the submission below.

Download (challengesandchoices_bctac_response.pdf,556KB)

Support for actions

The committee trusts all members will endorse the actions taken so far and will continue to support the club in its efforts to improve the River Waveney environment.

Support for the submission has been received from two local MPs -

Peter Aldous - MP for Waveney -

Download (challengesandchoices_peteraldousmp_letter.pdf,443KB)

Richard Bacon - MP for South Norfolk.

Download (challenges-andchoices_richardbaconmp_letter.pdf,122KB)