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Coronavirus – COVID-19

Finally, the restrictions connected to Covid are to be lifted.

However, the committee feel that due to inconsistencies over the past 18 months and the u turns undertaken by the government that we should stick to guidelines for the time being.

Please respect everybody’s choice regarding social distancing, use gloves when opening gates if possible and please use the sanitiser at Ellingham and Layby.

It is also strongly recommended that all Anglers refresh or update themselves with the Club rules.

Basic rules are on the gates but a full list is available on our media sites. The Club Book is also available to download on the website.


On another subject, that some may be aware of, is some fisheries have been having problems with a fish disease (allegedly KHV Carp disease).

We are asking that all anglers please refrain from using keepnets if at all possible.

Alternatively, please ensure that keepnets, landing nets and weigh mats are dry and HAVE BEEN for at least six hours.

If you have fished Marsh Trail or Topcroft Fisheries, recently DO NOT use your keepnet and use a different landing net.

We are still trying to find out the true facts of this situation and will keep our media sites updated.

As long as anglers follow these simple rules the Club should be ok, however, if they don’t the lakes will be shut to protect our fish.

Thank you for your cooperation with these matters.

Glenn Shiplee, Chairman

From its origins in 1946 where its first headquarters was based at the long since closed Cherry Tree pub in Bungay, Suffolk (hence the name!) the club has, over the years, evolved and expanded.

It has a membership of around 300 and is run entirely by a dedicated volunteer committee whose efforts over the past few years have created a club to be proud of!.
With full membership at just £65 per year it’s a great club to be a member of!

As well as still having some quality stretches of the Waveney, both above and below the tidal limit, with purpose built swims at Dunburgh, the club also has three quality still waters close to Bungay.

Ellingham Lake – A primarily Carp water which abounds with Commons and Mirrors to double figures.Relatively shallow with maximum depths to 5ft it also holds Roach, Rudd and Perch.

Common Pond – Renowned for its quality, if elusive, Crucian Carp, the water also contains quality Perch. The pond also contains Common Carp as evidenced by a 23lb specimen caught in 2014.

Lay-by Pit – This former gravel pit has been fenced against Otter intrusion and has been, and continues to be, stocked with prime quality fish.
It contains double figure Common and Mirror Carp, Tench to 11lb, Bream to 15lb, Crucians, Roach, Rudd, Perch and some Pike. A pristine water.