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Coronavirus – COVID-19

Update September 2020

As everyone is aware restrictions across the country since lockdown are slowly being lifted. However they seem to keep changing day by day as the country tries to battle the Covid Pandemic.
Therefore the Committee has decided to continue with current restrictions at all our club waters, including those carried out at the Club’s Matches.
We hope that all members will continue to follow these restrictions and help us in keeping our waters safe.

In regards to Club Matches, the current booking in procedure will continue.
Anglers must book in by Friday night to fish a Club match.
If an angler turns up on the day of a match without booking in they will not be allowed to fish.
Also if they book in and do not turn up they will not be able to fish the next match and the next match at that venue. (2 Matches).

G. Shiplee on behalf of the Committee.

For those who have not yet read the Club’s COVID19 rules and restrictions – please click here.

To read the Government’s full list of COVID19 rules and restrictions click here.

From its origins in 1946 where its first headquarters was based at the long since closed Cherry Tree pub in Bungay, Suffolk (hence the name!) the club has, over the years, evolved and expanded.

It has a membership of around 300 and is run entirely by a dedicated volunteer committee whose efforts over the past few years have created a club to be proud of!.
With full membership at just £65 per year it’s a great club to be a member of!

As well as still having some quality stretches of the Waveney, both above and below the tidal limit, with purpose built swims at Dunburgh, the club also has three quality still waters close to Bungay.

Ellingham Lake – A primarily Carp water which abounds with Commons and Mirrors to double figures.Relatively shallow with maximum depths to 5ft it also holds Roach, Rudd and Perch.

Common Pond – Renowned for its quality, if elusive, Crucian Carp, the water also contains quality Perch. The pond also contains Common Carp as evidenced by a 23lb specimen caught in 2014.

Lay-by Pit – This former gravel pit has been fenced against Otter intrusion and has been, and continues to be, stocked with prime quality fish.
It contains double figure Common and Mirror Carp, Tench to 11lb, Bream to 15lb, Crucians, Roach, Rudd, Perch and some Pike. A pristine water.