Rules and Policies of Bungay Cherry Tree Angling Club

The Club has to have a set of rules in order to be able to function properly.
They are in place for these specific reasons:

• To permit the proper, legal functions of the Club.
• To enable all Members to enjoy their sport on Club waters without aggravation or annoyance.
• To help protect the environment of Club waters.
• To help protect and maintain the health and wellbeing of our fish stocks.

Regrettably, some anglers believe they have the personal right to do what they like on Club waters without consideration of the points above. This is why the Club has to have rules in the first place and has to enforce them.

Bailiffs and Committee members will enforce the rules on behalf of the membership.
At the water’s edge any decision they make in applying the rules will be non-negotiable and the angler will have to comply.

Any member disagreeing with a water’s edge decision has a right to contest the decision at a later stage by contacting the Secretary to seek arbitration and clarification from the Committee.

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