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AGM proposals adopted by Committee

Bungay Cherry Tree AC committee would just like to verify that the Proposals that would have been voted on at the AGM have been passed as read by the Club.
Therefore just to reiterate, they are listed below and all anglers should ensure they are adhered to.

1) It is now mandatory that all anglers have an unhooking mat.
These should not only be used for unhooking and photos but also when an angler lifts their keep net out of the water to rest on the bank.

2) As of next season 2021 anglers will be expected to have Carp friendly nets when fishing The Layby or Ellingham.

3) As most are now aware the increase of £5.00 on Full and OAP Club cards has gone ahead.

4) The increase on OAP Club Cards being brought into line at present is passed.
However this will obviously have to be verified at next year’s AGM which we hope all will go ahead as normal.
This rule will NOT go ahead until that AGM takes place.

5) Postal voting for those members who live 30 miles away from Bungay as the crow flies is also passed.

Also just to verify to members: All Club Officials with the exception of G. Collett and T. Rose remain the same.
As we have lost two committee members, whom we thank for their help, LVP D. Gladwell has stepped up aid the committee.

To Finish – Anglers are reminded that due to the current situation and to ensure our fish remain in the best condition possible Committee members along with our bailiffs will be checking that all have Club cards, unhooking mats and are following club rules.


G. Shiplee. (Chairman)