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Club Announcement

The Committee has had the situation arise of either family or “mates” joining an angler on the bank.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules relating to this subject, it is the Committee’s intention to put forward a motion for the next AGM.

In the meantime, family members accompanying a angler fishing is encouraged by the club, we would ask that they adhere to current club rules as well as the silence anglers appreciate.
Also unless a family ticket is obtained they cannot fish under any circumstance.

In respect to friends or mates visiting whilst the angler is fishing the club would suggest 1 or 2 but request no more.
The same applies to them fishing and the noise.

In the event that a person whom is not a member of the club is found to be fishing with a member’s tackle then the member could face expulsion from the club and have his membership revoked.

A reminder also that any rubbish should be taken home by any person visiting club waters whether they are a member or not.

The Committee