Club Book

The Club Book is no longer supplied to club members in printed format:

  • The cost of printing has become prohibitive
  • Changes to Rules and to Club Waters, amongst other things, means the book can get out of date very quickly.

Consequently the only practical alternative is to provide an online version for you, as a member, to download and print if you wish.

Please note: This is a “live” document and changes will be made to it as and when necessary.
Members will be notified in Current News when a new version has been published.
The current version and publication date can be found at the bottom of each page.

The Club Book is best printed as an A5 booklet. To do this please see instructions below the document.

Printing the Club Book as an A5 booklet

Download and save the document. (It’s important to save a copy of the document as you will not be able to print it as a booklet otherwise).

Open the document in a PDF reader (Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is used in the screenshots below but other readers like Foxit Reader or Sumatra PDF will do).

Note: Because of the fine detail in the mapping you will get better results if you set your printer to print at Best quality.


Click on the Print icon or click on File – Print.


Click on Booklet.

Select Front side only from drop-down list, then click on Print.

IMPORTANT – Your printer will either print the pages in normal or reverse order. Either way you must reverse the order of the pages as they came out of the printer before putting the pages back in to print the reverse side.


Once the pages are back in the printer repeat the above but this time select Back side only, then click on Print.

If all has gone well the pages have printed in the correct order. Collate the pages so that the inside left hand page numbers read as even (2 of …., 4 of … etc.). Fold pages in half to create an A5 size booklet and staple.


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