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Club match results 2019/20

Date Venue Results Weights Notes
15 March Broom C Pit 1st – J Lloyd
2nd – J Ellis
3rd – I Moore
32lb 10oz
21lb 4oz
19lb 6oz
Peg 2
Peg 4
Peg 8
8 March Lay-by Pit 1st – G Shiplee
2nd – K Hales
3rd – I Moore
4th – A Nobbs
27lb 11oz
24lb 14oz
18lb 7oz
Peg Work Stn1
Peg 14
Peg 10
Peg 4
1 March Ellingham Hall 1st – S Lake
2nd – A Nobbs
3rd – J Lloyd
4th – E Howman
52lb 11oz
42lb 14oz
27lb 12oz
24lb 9oz
Peg 34
Peg 33
Peg 30
Peg 16
16 February Dunburgh 1st – J Ellis
2nd – K Morley
3rd – M Ling
9lb 1oz
4lb 12oz
Peg 7
Peg 6
Peg 5
9th February No1 Pit Weybread 1st – D Richardson
2nd – J Ellis
3lb 14oz
3lb 7oz
2nd February Ellingham Hall 1st – C Raine
2nd – K Morley
3rd – I Moore
4th – A Nobbs
81lb 13oz
64lb 3oz
62lb 10oz
31lb 8oz
Peg 34
Peg 33
Peg 40
Peg 18
26th January Lay-by Pit 1st – J lloyd
2nd – C Raine
3rd – K Hales
4th – R Bliss
39lb 4oz
27lb 8oz
14lb 10oz
9lb 2oz
Peg 8
Peg 10
Work Stn1
12th January Topcroft 1st – I Moore
2nd – K Hales
3rd – J Buck
38lb 6oz
29lb 9oz
28lb 8oz
Peg 4
Peg 12
Peg 7
5th January Dunburgh 1st – D Gladwell
2nd – P Dean
3rd – M Tricker
11lb 14oz
11lb 13oz
10lb 10oz
Peg 14
Peg 10
Peg 5
29th December Lay-by Pit 1st – T Buck
2nd – S Lake
2nd – J Lloyd
4th – J Buck
13lb 12oz
Peg 18
Peg 8
Work Stn
22nd December Ellingham Hall 1st – J Lloyd
2nd – K Hales
3rd – S lake
4th – A Nobbs
113lb 9oz
68lb 11oz
62lb 2oz
50lb 3oz
Peg 33
Peg 34
Peg 40
8 December Ellingham Hall 1st – D. Gladwell
2nd – Alan Nobbs
3rd – Frank Ling
121lbs 2ozs
48lbs 01oz
42lbs 11ozs
Peg 34
Peg 36
Peg 9
24th November Topcroft 1st – D.Richardson
2nd – M.Tricker
3rd – B.Hughes
105lb 12oz
75lb 13oz
17th November Dunburgh 1st – K.Hales
2nd – D.Richardson
3rd – P.Dean
7lb 5oz
7lb 2 oz
11th November Lay-by Pit 1st – B.Hughes
2nd – G.Shipley
3rd – D.Redgrave
15lb 7oz
9lb 13oz
Peg 19
Peg 28
Peg 32
20th October Weybread Middle pit 1st – D.Redgrave
2nd – S.Lake
85lb 4oz
76lb 13oz
8th September Broome C Pit 1st – A.Nobbs
2nd – S.Lake
3rd – R.Bliss
37lb 6oz
36lb 15oz
23lb 7oz
1st September Lay-by Pit 1st – C.Ballam
2nd – M.Ling
3rd – A.Nobbs
32lb 4oz
25lb 4oz
20lb 7oz
Peg 32
Peg 30
11th August Lay-by Pit 1st – S.Lake
2nd – A.Nobbs
3rd – K.Hales
70lb 9oz
53lb 7oz
35lb 5oz
Peg 13
Peg 10
Peg 25
4 August Ellingham Hall 1st – E. Howman
2nd – A.Nobbs
3rd – S.Lake
136lb 4oz
86lb 6oz
81lb 15oz
534lb approx of fish caught
Average 48lb per angler
Not bad eh?
27 July Lay-by Pit 1st – A.Nobbs
2nd – G.Shiplee
3rd – T.Buck
4th – I.Moore
S1 – M.Tricker
S2 – C.Borg
S3 – S. Lake
S4 – B. Cooper
70lb 4oz
37lb 7oz
29lb 15oz
27lb 9oz
20lb 13oz
5lb 3oz
22lb 7oz
9lb 9oz
Colyn Taylor Memorial Match
27 people fished and the match was followed by Barbecue and Tackle Raffle and General Raffle.
Unfortunately the weather was not favourable but a good day was had by all. Thanks go to Mandy Moore and son for cooking on the Barbie. M. Ling for sorting the Raffle as well as D. Lilley and R. Bliss for helping to organise.
23 June Walpole Valley Farm 1st – Mike Ling
2nd – Glenn Shiplee
72lb 2oz
55lb 1oz
Disappointing turn out, only 7 fished.