Club Waters

The Club’s waters are primarily situated on the River Waveney, upstream and downstream of Bungay, the lower reaches being tidal. The club also has three still waters, close to Bungay and a fourth close to Beccles.

Fishing on any Club water is from Sunrise to Sunset only – no night fishing.

Bailiffs operate on all our waters so please carry your membership card/day ticket, and rod licence, with you at all times.
Club members are also empowered to check day tickets/membership.

Please comply with all club rules. These are in place to benefit both you and our fish stocks.

Failure to produce a valid membership or day ticket will result in you being asked to leave the water.

Please be aware, a valid Environment Agency rod licence must also be carried by anyone aged 13 and over (£2500 fine if you don’t!). Click here for more information.

Illegal fishing
Should members come across instances of illegal fishing on club waters they must not confront the perpetrators directly.
Instead, make a note of when and where the instance was seen and report it to the Environment Agency incident hotline0800 80 70 60.

Day tickets.

Anyone fishing club waters must comply with Club Rules which can be found here.

Day tickets must be purchased in advance prior to arrival at the bank to fish. Day tickets are not available for the Lay-by Pit, Ellingham Hall Lake or Orchard Lake – these are “members only” waters.

Single Adult day ticket – £5, seven days – £15.
Single Junior day ticket – £3, seven days – £6.

Water closures – Club waters will be closed for pleasure angling on specified dates to allow for working party maintenance or club matches. Please check the calendar for these dates.

No Litter! – it goes without saying really, to take all your rubbish home with you.
Most of the river sections run through meadows with livestock, mostly cattle, running in them. If they eat any discarded packaging etc. the consequences could be dire for all. The animal could die, and we could loose the right to fish the water.

Health and Safety warnings:

All anglers fishing the various club waters do so at their own risk.
Anglers are advised to take care on muddy banks and be aware of deep water at all fishing venues.
All our waters are categorised as “Deep Water” with an element of danger.
Consequently the club encourages all members to learn to swim.

Please be aware of overhead power cables, particularly at Dunburgh.

Common Pond is situated on land to which the public has access, and dogs can run, uncontrolled, off the lead.
Beware of other people’s dogs!

Cover cuts and scratches to prevent possible infection from wildlife (principally rats) which can be found at the waterside.

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