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Ellingham Lake catches

What’s been happening on the club’s waters over the past weeks.
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More good Carp

Both myself and my 15 year old daughter caught Carp all day long – like this nice double figure mirror. Lots of Commons too. Cheese, bread, meat, sweetcorn – they took the lot!

Kevin Hunt
17 June 2020

A windy day, but quiet!


Nice Common and Mirrors caught by my 15 year old daughter and myself on a windy day at Ellingham Hall.
Lots of Roach, Rudd, and Perch as well. Took all baits.
No one else there!

Kevin Hunt
3 June 2020


A good quality Mirror

A fine Mirror Carp weighing in at over 13lb.

K. Hawes
8 December 2019

A couple of nice Mirrors


Mirror Carp caught by my daughter at Ellingham Hall Lakes on Cheese/Bread cocktail. Didn’t have scales but easily a double.
Caught lots of Commons and Mirrors.

Kevin Hunt
16 July 2019

A great Perch, and some good Roach too!

Caught from peg 7 on a small dumbbell shaped fluro red banded pellet, to size 16 hook, alongside some nice roach to 10 ozs

David Gladwell
9 May 2019

Nice Mirror for a junior member.

Nice Mirror Carp caught by my daughter at Ellingham Hall Lakes on sweet corn. Plenty of Carp and Roach.

Kevin Hunt
24 April 2019

The first of many!

The first of many from Ellingham Hall today. Fished down the edge in about 12 inches of water and had fish all through the session.
Watched kingfishers, buzzards, ducks, geese and even a red kite in between catching carp and some nice roach.
Great water, especially on a sunny day.

David Lilley
11 February 2019


Lots of good fish coming out of Ellingham!

Last day of May at Ellingham Hall Lakes. Lots of Carp like this one from swim 5. Mirrors and Commons and some nice roach too.
They took any bait we gave them!

Kevin Hunt
31 May 2018

A good day despite four seasons worth of weather!

Bonus visit to Ellingham Hall Lakes with temperatures more like Mid Summer than April. Most swims flooded as water high but fishable.
Sat through all the seasons – bright sunshine, thunderstorm with torrential rain, hail stones the size of golf balls! – then Rainbows!
Fish fed consistently on every bait, sweetcorn, Cheese, bread, and pellets.
Lively Mirror and Common Carp. One here caught by my daughter.

Kevin Hunt
22 April 2018


The Carp are getting bigger!

Nice Common Carp caught by my daughter at Ellingham Hall Lakes on sweetcorn on 6th August 2017.

Kevin Hunt
6 August 2017

A father and daughter team take on the Ellingham Carp

Lots of Common Carp like this caught all day long by my daughter at Ellingham Hall Lake.

Bread, sweetcorn, meat, cheese….. You name it, they took it!

I also had a nice Mirror Carp – caught on Edam Cheese!

Kevin Hunt
16 July 2017

Caught on the fly!

Having had a nice session last week at Ellingham catching Rudd on the drop with bread paste I thought I’d try my hand at catching them on my light fly rod.

I got a bit more than I bargained for!

By the end of the fight the fly was looking a bit worse for wear but did go on to hook another large Mirror which sadly broke the new 5lb hook length and got away.

And the Rudd? Yes I caught some of those as well. An interesting day!

Roger Harrison
12 April 2017

A Nice Carp for Lisa
A nice 8lb common from the wife at Ellingham.
A nice Carp for Lisa
It’s nice to see our new bailiff checking membership of people to secure our waters!
Simon Tedstone
25 March 2017


A nice Mirror from Ellingham
This fine Mirror Carp was caught from Ellingham Hall Lakes at Peg 2 using pork meat as bait.

Kevin Hunt
16 August 2016


Ellingham Lake keeps on producing
A nice Mirror Carp from Ellingham Hall Lakes on sweetcorn.

Kevin Hunt
20 September 2015

Doing the rounds at Ellingham Lake
What an afternoon I had!
Fished all 40 pegs and had fish 5lb and over on every peg. Best peg was peg 2 where I had a 15 pounder.
Marcus Garner
13 September 2015


The youngsters catch the big’uns too!
This nice carp caught by my 9 year old daughter Jenna at Ellingham Hall Lake on 22nd September.
Bait used was Halibut Pellet.
Jenna's great Carp!
This lake seems absolutely alive with fish!
Kevin Hunt
22 September 2014

Some great birds at Ellingham!
Targeted the roach today with tares but couldn’t get through the carp!
But two appearances from the osprey made it worthwhile, plus
kingfishers, green and great spotted woodpeckers etc.
Lovely lake.
Osprey at Ellingham
John Byer
13 September 2014

An exhausting day at Ellingham Hall Lake
Had a first fish at the lake yesterday, I am worn out today! A new personal best – 65 Carp , ranging from the baby ones, 12inchers – 15inchers, also equaling my best ever caught 8lb Common
Some of the tiddler carp probably caught more than once.Fish at every cast. I was able to see the fish, feeding at the very edge, when I put sweetcorn in as an offering at my feet,the larger Carp mopped it up. Soon as I dropped the hooked corn in they took it, and spat it out right away!
I changed to floating bread crust, they went mental taking the hook bait! When I ran out of bread, I changed to my usual 8mm hair rigged pellet, and called it a day with the 8lb Common.
Also nice Rudd and Roach to end up with 70 plus fish. I didn’t float fish at all, prefer ledgering.
Some of the 6inch carp had no barbules, if they are Crucian this is another first for me.
Merv Baldry
16 June 2014