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Essex and Suffolk Water – works to be carried out at Shipmeadow

Would all members please read and be aware that work will be carried out on the Shipmeadow stretch of the Waveney over the next few months.

The following was received from E&S water:

The start of the project has been delayed with the Covid-19 restrictions but we are now preparing to start site establishment next week (Monday 8th June).
Initially we will be setting up an area for welfare, storage and parking in the farmer’s field just to the West of our Pumping Station site at the top of Lock’s Lane.

This is a change from the original plan I sent which had the working area to the Northeast of the Pumping Station.
It will still be cordoned off and won’t restrict access to the river but it does mean there will be a bit more activity and vehicle movements around the farmer’s gate leading to the access track.

There will also be some activity next week near the river in preparation for piling works which are planned for the end of June.

I’d appreciate it if you could communicate to your club members to stay alert if they do choose to visit the area, to keep a safe distance from our workers and any vehicles and to please park sensibly.

Further updates can be viewed on our project website at

We are expecting the works to take about four months so there will be activities on site throughout the summer and into September.

Anyone who wishes to find out more can visit the link above.

Also, until work is complete it would probably be wise to access the water from the Locks side of the river, but please do not park in the Pub car park, but the section before it, and walk to the river.

Thank you,

Glenn Shiplee (Chair)