Festival 11-12 May 2024


On behalf of BCTAC, I would like to thank all those who participated in our Teams of Four Fishing Festival this past weekend. It really is appreciated as this event is run by the Club to promote our waters and maintain the reputation of the Club which has a long history on the match scene, country wide.
It was good to see our new president David Gladwell, partly responsible for that history and well into his 80’s, fishing and although his team struggled he managed to catch both days on lesser fancied pegs showing younger anglers that he has still got it.
Weather was good, for a change, and although the tree/bush fluff hindered parts of the Layby Lake, the majority of anglers still caught and seemed to enjoy the event.
The only cock up that I’m aware of was the Chairman (me) handing out the wrong trophies at the prize giving, (it had been a long weekend.)
It was a close match with Saturday’s run away leaders L.L.L., failing to back it up on Sunday and giving it away to winning team, Poachers.
Poachers on the whole fished consistent over the two days (3 of the Team picking up individual prizes) with a better 2nd day which gave them the win. Congratulations to them.
It also shows how unpredictable our waters can be in regards to “good” pegs. A good thing in my opinion as it pits the wits of the angler against the lake and fish.
Individual winner, S. Bracey had an excellent weekend achieving a 1st and 4th to secure the title. Congratulations to him.
Chunky Pollard (previous double Ind. winner) was 2nd with a win on Sunday but struggling on Saturday at Ellingham.
Quite a few really good anglers had a bad day or bad weekend, failing to live up to their reputations and I’m sure many a conversation will be had as to was it conditions or their tactics, or indeed a multitude of other factors. Again it illustrates how hard or frustrating this sport can be.
Of the 48 anglers who fished, 24 picked up winnings over the two days and goes to prove that with a little bit of good fortune, the draw along with conditions and getting the right method can pay dividends.
It’s always nice for the Club to see a variant of winners show and congratulations to all those who did.
Once again thank you all for participating in the event and hopefully we will see you all again next year. As for me, I think some sleep is the order of the day.
Finally I would like to thank Rod Bliss who thanklessly helped me from Friday midday all through to Sunday night, it was certainly much appreciated and I’m sure was capped off with a whiskey Sunday night.
And especially my wife, Sarah, as Saturday night she was a godsend with her help as I was completely knackered, and without her I wouldn’t have eaten all weekend
Also everyone else who helped whom without, the event would be nigh impossible to run. They being D. Lilley, I. Moore, B. McKinley, D. Gladwell, A. Blake and finally 2018 individual winner M. Tricker for helping Sunday evening.

Glenn Shiplee (Chairman/CEO)



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