Holton Pits – update

There have been a number of enquiries with reference to the situation regarding fishing at Holton Pits.
The situation is as follows.
Having been contacted by Holton Pits CIC (new owners of the pits) and after discussion, BCTAC were offered the fishing lease and subsequently received a draft agreement (hence detailing in the newsletter).
However shortly after this Holton Pits CIC notified BCTAC that they were ceasing negotiations to allow them to further consult with the local community (Holton Pits were secured for the community as a result of funds raised locally).
Since then BCTAC have had no further communication from Holton Pits CIC.
However, minutes of a recent Holton Pits CIC public meeting (published on their website) indicate that they have decided against partnering with an angling club and instead intend to manage the fishing activities themselves.
Therefore BCTAC have no involvement in the fishing at Holton Pits and suggest any queries are directed to Holton Pits CIC (They have a Facebook Page and a website).
Hopefully this clarifies the situation.
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