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Junior Open Match - 7 August 2019

A good day was had by everyone with a total catch weight of 77lb 02oz with individual best fish - a 7lb 7oz Mirrror Carp and a 1lb 6oz Perch! They did better than some of our match anglers!

Avenue Angling gave over £100 of prizes, Julie at Crossways was very generous too, and Angling Direct provided 2 pints of maggots and some pellets.

Our thanks to them all plus Paul Dean and Steve Lane for helping on the day.

The Competitors

The Results

7 AugustEllingham Lake1st - Beau Moyes
2nd - Lily Ellis
3rd - Ashton Ribbons
4th - Haydon Wood
5th - Charlie Wilby
6th - Logan Harvey
30lb 0oz
14lb 11oz
14lb 1oz
7lb 15oz
5lb 9oz
4lb 14oz

Chairman Glen assists Hayden's weigh in.

Another nice catch for Charlie Wilby on peg 10 - 5 lbs 1 ozs.

A very accomplished and pleasant Lily Ellis comes 2nd with 14 lbs 11 ozs netting the prizes too!

Life Vice-president Stan Woods helps Ashton Ribbons (3rd. 14 lbs 01 ozs) with his perch of 1 lbs 6 ozs.