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Junior’s match – Lay-by Pit – 21 September 2013

Good support from, Bungay Rotarians with a £25 donation to fund prizes was generous and welcome.

Items of shot, hooks and disgorgers were presented by their Officer Eric Williams to Anthony Moore, who was winner on the day with both the biggest fish as a roach of 10 ozs, and, the heaviest catch weighing 2 lbs 1 ozs which won him a short telescopic whip from the Club.

Cherry Tree Vice Chairman and Maltings Manager, Julian Cobb, gave six bags of groundbait as prizes.

Toby Last as runner up took his share of the spoils doing well at 8 year’s old taking rudd and roach with a few hungry perch for 12 ozs.

Steve Last's tench caught at Lay-by Pit 21 September 2013 Side show star of the day was Toby’s Dad Steve having a dapple with his Son’s spare simple gear whilst waiting, for the first time in quite a few years, landing two 3 lbs female tench on the pole.

Mum, Georgina pitched in too and managed a Rudd and a Roach to make it a family affair watched by Granny and Grandad Splendlove!