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KHV Carp virus – immediate action required by ALL members

There has been a severe outbreak of Koi herpesvirus (KHV) virus in a local commercial fishery resulting in a very high mortality rate of fish at those waters.

It is absolutely essential ALL anglers fishing Club waters must ensure the following action has been taken BEFORE arriving to fish:

ALL keepnets, landing nets, unhooking mats and footware MUST be clean and completely dry in order to prevent any possible transmission of disease into Club waters.

The Committee will monitor the situation.
If the virus spreads to other local waters Bungay Cherry Tree waters will be closed to angling until the Committee is satisfied the virus threat is controlled.This could be for a number of weeks.

Should the virus appear in our waters it is likely our fish stocks will be destroyed and it could take years to bring our waters back to the pristine state they are in at present.

Please support the Club by taking the preventative action above