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Lay-by Pit – your catches

What’s been happening on the club’s waters over the past weeks.
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A truly unexpected day!

One of the five Tench

A cold and grey day that had really unexpected results!
Fishing from a sheltered peg 35 I caught 11 Carp and 5 Tench to, perhaps 5llb, on worm and punched bread.
Other anglers at the water were having a poor day so it looks like I, and the fish chose a warm spot!

Interesting to note – two of the Tench gave up without a fight. Hope it was the water conditions and not a problem with the fish stocks?

Roger Harrison
29 March 2022


Great result for a “chuck it and chance it” session.

Don’t get many chances to pleasure fish nowadays, so took the opportunity to fish the Layby today.

Being a “chuck it and f… it” angler (apparently!!!), I chucked the pole out at 14mts. Had 2 carp, (looked like the new
ones that went in last week, 2 Bream and 8 skimmers plus some roach late on.

This is such an awesome fishery that has been developed by the hierarchy of the club.

An enjoyable few hour’s fishing.

Glenn Shiplee
20 December 2021


A golden day for the Tench.

Caught 6 Tench like this plus 1 huge Double figure Mirror carp at the Lay-by Pit on the hottest day of the year between 4.30pm and 8.30pm on bread and spam.
Fish in pristine condition.

Kevin hunt
7 August 2020

There are Roach in the Pit!

After some dubious gossip around that there are no roach in the Lay-by I thought I’d take a pint of maggots and go and find out.
Chickened out of using my whip just in case I hit a carp and used top 5 of the pole. Bumped quite a few fish because of it. A lot harder to keep swinging 5mtrs of pole with one hand.

Anyhow, weighed in landing net at 15lb, give or take a pound. Fish up to approx 8oz. Roach, Rudd, Chublets, Dace and Perch.
Did use the whole pint feeding and it took about an hour to really get them going – I’ll take 2 pints next time.
But I think that proves there ARE roach in the Lay-by!

Glenn Shiplee
14 June 2020

Best Pit Perch to date?

A superb Perch of 3lb 4oz caught from Peg 28 during the New Years Day match. Possibly the biggest Perch caught from the Pit?

Glenn Shiplee
2 January 2020


A golden moment

A nice Golden Tench caught at Peg 29 on bread flake, preceded by a Mirror of about the same size.

Roger Harrison
4 September 2019

Excellent early morning bag.

Had a excellent bag of mixed fish at the Lay-by early this morning.
14 carp from 6lb to 15lb, 6 of them were doubles.
4 tench from 3lb to 6lb, 4 Bream from 5lb to 9lb and 5 Crucians about 1lb.
The photo only shows the smaller fish as the others were to big to put in the keep-net.

I think putting in the small carp at the recent stocking in has made the other fish feed better.

Ian Moore
29 June 2019

Worth braving the weather!

At peg 17, windy and cold – a NW wind. My hands were warmer in the water! First pleasure fishing session for months and that’s what I get. But the fishing was excellent!

Dozen or so carp to 5lb, 4 Skimmers to 1.5lb, 1 Crucian (my first in Lay-by) 2 Tench approx 2.5 and 3lb and Rudd and Roach plus 3 lumps (not in net obviously).
That’s not counting the red face 4 times when the elastic came to a halt but the fish didn’t!
Fished long pole deep, long pole shallow and margin.

What’s not to like????

Glenn Shiplee
26 June 2019

A nice Lay-by Tench for Dave

It’s a cracking Tench water!

Chris Madle also had a good day the previous Monday, despite very strong winds. Fishing the end of the island he landed over 14lb of Common Carp using a hair rig.

Dave Gladwell
28 March 2019

Not a stockies fan!

I had 5 carp, including 3 10 lb plus and 3 tench for 56 lbs!
Friday I had 15 carp, biggest just 2 lb! Bloody stockies! Ruined the fishing!

John Byer
21 February 2019

It was blowing a hoolie!


Not bad considering time of year and conditions. It was blowing a hoolie!
On workstation – Bream, skimmers and Carp.

Ian Moore
9 February 2019


A surprise catch at the Lay-by

Fishing for Bream at Lay-by Pit with a swimfeeder. Caught several good Roach and then this 8 pounder Carp surprised me!

Chris Madle
7 November 2018

A personal best at the Lay-by

My new personal best – a sixteen and quater lb Mirror Carp followed by an eleven pound Common, a three and a quarter pound Tench, a five pound Common, and some small Roach.

All caught on hair rigged sweet corn.

Weights witnessed by fishing friend Malcolm Brooks.

Mervyn Baldry
24 October 2018

Some quality fish from the Lay-by

Nice Tench from the Lay By Pit. Caught 3 or 4 like this and lost just as many! Also nice Common and nice Mirror Carp.
All caught from Swim 5 on Spam. Didn’t start biting until 5pm.

All fish in pristine condition.
Kevin Hunt
25 September 2018

A great catch at the Lay-by.

Good catch this morning at the Lay-by Pit.
14 tench, 7 carp and 3 small bream. Also lost 6 more tench and 3 carp. Took this picture of one net (had a job to hold it to take the picture!) but had to put the other net back without getting a photo.

Ian Moore
2 August 2018


A fine Mirror from the Layby

Probably the biggest Mirror caught at the Layby Pit to date (unless you know better?).

A nice Mirror Carp 14lb 8oz caught by Mark Lewis of Beccles at the Layby Pit this afternoon on the Method in the sunshine!

Mark Lewis
19 July 2017

A personal best at the Pit

A new personal best – fifteen pound Common Carp caught at Peg 14 at the Lay-by Pit.

Method – a ground baited method feeder, 4inch 10lb hook link with 8 maggots on a size 14 hook.

Mervyn Baldry
28 February 2017


He’s done it again!
Another great session at the Lay-by – a 13lb 10oz Common Carp, a Tench 4lb and 2 skimmers around 2lb a piece.
All on banded 8mm pellet at peg 19 on the pole. Not bad for three hours fishing!
Ian Moore's 13lb 10oz Common Carp
Picture taken and fish weighed by Tony Game.
Ian Moore
18 May 2016

A good morning session at the Lay-by
A good morning session at peg 13 using banded pellet as bait – 6 tench 2 bream 2 big skimmers and I also lost 6 more!
A good bag of Tench and Bream
Ian Moore
14 May 2016

Some good fishing at the Lay-by and on the river
Fished the Lay-by lake March 2016, after the flood. Carp showing well, in my peg, all day, but not interested in my spam bait until 4pm.
Then 3 mirrors largest 4lb 2oz. Finished with a magnificent conditioned 9lb 4oz common. A new personal best.
Came back next day, nothing, frozen. Stuck it out for a few hours went home early. Last year there several tench, best 5-6lbs.
River – a Pike 13 and a half pounds, disappointed, thought I had caught a huge Chub!
Mervyn Baldry
21 March 2016

Some good winter fishing at the Lay-by Pit
This nice bag of Perch, Tench, Carp, skimmers and Roach was caught at Peg 31 on 23rd of February.

A nice bag

And this good bag of Roach and Skimmers were caught at Peg 16 on 15th March.

Good Roach and Skimmers gs_clubpit15-03-16_2 A nice bag

The Pit is fishing well!

Glenn Shiplee
16 March 2016


A near personal best Bream
My only bream of the session at Bungay Layby Pit today but at 7 lb 1
oz, just 4 oz off my pb so I can’t complain!
John Byers has a near personal best Bream from the Lay-by Pit Double red maggot and gb feeder. Now for one of the “doubles”!!
Fantastic new path and bridge improvements!! Well done Ian, amazing job!!
John Byer
21 April 2015


A nice Mirror from the Pit
A very nice Mirror Carp caught from peg 12 came in at just 6lb.
Chris Madle's 6lb Mirror
Chris Madle
13 November 2014

A 50 year personal best
After 50 years of fishing it was FANTASTIC to get a new PB tench at the Layby Pit today, 6 lb 3 oz and a lovely male fish I think?
John Byer's persomal best Tench
All on my own but loads of big fish topping.

Now for the PB bream (7 lb 3 oz) and chub from the river (5 lb 1 oz)!!!
John Byer
2 November 2014

A nice mixed bag from Peg 15
A good session at the club pit – 4lb Tench with 7 small Mirrors and two Crucian.
A nice Tench from the club pit
Chris Madle
21 August 2014

Early morning session at the Lay-by Pit brings a whopper!
Big fish weighed 10lb 1oz, I laid a 4 to 5 lb tench beside it for comparison!
I also had two other Tench and 9 Carp off peg 24. This was all from an early morning session.
10lb 1oz Tench from Lay-by Pit
Ian Moore
4 June 2014

Some nice Tench from the Pit
1 of 5 hard fighting tench from 1lb to 3lb all on a size 14 hook until something big was hooked and bent the hook straight!
All caught at peg 8, caught on float and straight lead with good old corn.
Paul Chapman
7 May 2014

He’s a Treasure(r)!
Ian Moore, the club’s treasurer had a great session at the club pit on Saturday.
Pictured is a Common of 14lb 1oz which was followed by another of 11lb 6oz and two Tench of four to five pounds.
Ian Moore's Carp of 3 May 2014
All were caught on method feeder to the island from peg 24 on sweetcorn.
Dave Gladwell
5 May 2014

A surprise catch at the Lay-by Pit
It was looking like yet another blank day at the pit, my fifth in a row.
I was hoping I might get one or two Roach but at the end of the day, with no bites I hooked, and to my surprise, landed this 12lb Common!
12lb Common Carp
Half an hour later I was into a second, probably double figure, Common but after half an hour, and at the second time to the net it threw the hook and was away.
Still, not a bad result on a 50 year old rod and reel float rig and 2½lb line!
Roger Harrison
19 April 2014

A cold, wet and windy trip to the pit
Not bad for 5 hours. Tench, Perch, Rudd, Roach, Skimmers and carp.
Cold, wet and windy Cold, wet and windy Cold, wet and windy Cold, wet, windy
Oh also a Pike (about two and half foot long – 7 or 8lb with big belly) took worm.
Glen Shiplee
19 March 2014