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Motions passed at AGM

The following motions were passed at the AGM held on 23 April 2019.

Motion 4 – Due to insurance updates the committee recommend a revision to Rule 2 reducing the minimum age for a child to fish with an adult from 8 to 5 –
“Children of 5-11 can fish with a Parent or Guardian from the same peg only. (no Club membership or rod license required)”.

Motion 5 – Addition to Rule 1 – “Partners or spouses can accompany a member to a water but cannot under any circumstances fish. To do so they must become a member”.

Motion 6 – Removal of the following from Rule 1 – “A Family Ticket is available via the Club secretary for Members who fish with a spouse. The spouse being eligible to join for £10.00”.

The Club Rules and Club Book have been updated to reflect these changes.