Open Juniors Match – Ellingham Lake – 27 August 2022

Twenty Young Anglers turned out for the second Junior Event on Saturday 27th August, making it the best attendance in recent years.

The match itself was very similar to the one earlier in August, with some catching early on, some catching throughout and some leaving it late. Most anglers targeted carp but for some they proved elusive.

Zak was just ahead at the first weigh in, but unfortunately had no further fish during the remaining two hours. Aubrey had nothing to show for his efforts early on but he caught several fish late. Bailey, Ethan, Ruby and Harley all managed to tempt fish throughout the morning.
It ended up very close with just a couple of fish separating the top six Anglers, with other anglers not far behind.

1st, Harley, 25lb 10oz.
2nd, Bailey, 21lb 13oz.
3rd, Aubrey, 15lb 3oz.
4th, Ethan, 14lb 7oz.
5th, Zak, 13lb 15oz.
6th Ruby, 13lb 4oz.

It was great to see so many young Anglers on the bank with several displaying considerable skill and most showing patience and a knowledge of fish welfare.
Special mention for Ruby, the first young lady to attend for a while, who demonstrated some very accurate casting and came home sixth. Hopefully we’ll see some more young ladies at the next event/s.

Thanks to the Parents for bringing the Junior Anglers and in most cases staying to watch or offer advise and support.
Thanks also to fellow Committee members, Glenn, Billy and Rod and also LVP Dave Gladwell for assistance in organising and help on the day. I think it’s fair to say we were kept busy, especially with the additional weigh ins!

Further prize donations were received from Club members, Jason, Mark Tricker, Deano and Malcolm. All greatly appreciated.
Thanks again to Avenue Angling, Angling Direct and Crossways of Ellingham for their generosity and continued support, and also, along with other local tackle shops and ticket outlets, for promoting these Junior Events.

Thanks to anyone I’ve overlooked!

Finally, thanks and well done to all the Junior Anglers who took part, hopefully it was an enjoyable morning and we’ll see you again.

Junior Secretary

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