Open Juniors Match – Ellingham Lake – 3 August 2021

Thanks to those who helped run the successful Day at our Ellingham Lake in beautiful surroundings.

Club helpers at the match

Chairman/CEO Glenn Shiplee, Committee Members Dave Lilley and Tony Game, then Frank Ling who dropped by and assisted the weigh in.

Will Duncan provides some valuable advice

Will Duncan took a day off and travelled in to give valuable coaching pictured with the Gabriel and generously gave a rod and reel.

Crossways provided Prizes as did Angling Direct.

Key to the day was the Tackle of deceased member Ronnie Page 90 years old donated for the Juniors.
His boots at size 10 were too big for Juniors, but Sportsman Frank dug in his pocket for a fiver which bought a Crossways Vouched for the winner.

Enjoying the day

Waiting for a bite

Serious concentration!

Having a great day!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the outstanding performance was Archie who had never fished before, but the combined coaching saw him catch enough for third place on loaned tackle, but he went home virtually fully kitted out. A lot of ability therein!

Winners all!

First place
7lb 11oz

Second place
6lb 7oz

Third place
4lb 1oz

Fourth place
3lb 15oz

Fifth place
3lb 2oz

Sixth place
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