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Reminders to members (again)

Rods left unattended

Three rods have been lost recently where fish have taken the bait (and the rod) because anglers attention was momentarily averted.
If you do lose a rod please let the committee know so we can put up on media.

Steve Keeling did this and a few weeks later angler Philip Punt reeled it in from another peg. He should be congratulated on his honesty as he handed in to the committee. Steve should also be congratulated on the way he acknowledged Philips honesty.

Although the incident above was an unfortunate accident it is, perhaps, a timely reminder that under Club rules tackle must not be left unattended.

15. TACKLE LEFT UNATTENDED at a swim for any reason may be confiscated by the Club and considered as “inappropriate behaviour” to normal Club practice.
No rods are to be left unattended with the terminal tackle left in the water and no baits shall be left on hooks on stand-by tackle assembled for use at the swim.

Be Aware.

Parking at Ellingham Hall Lake.

How many times has the Club had to raise this issue because of the behaviour of a few selfish members?

Cars must be parked in the relevant parking spaces and not driven around to unload or backed down to the water edge to load gear.
This could result in a serious accident as the grass etc becomes very slippery in wet weather. – Rules for Ellingham Hall Lake

Unhooking mats.

It has come to our attention that some anglers are laying fish on stagings or on the bank to either unhook or take photos.
Subsequently some fish are being damaged.
If Anglers want to do this then please obtain and use an unhooking mat.

This has already been highlighted to be discussed at next year’s AGM with the view of making this compulsory.