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River Waveney – Bungay sections – Outney Common

PLEASE NOTE - Access problems along the river bank (July 2018) - gateways and footbridges are in a poor state of repair along the river bank and a fallen tree has blocked the path above the golf course.
The Club has fishing rights only to this water and does not have any authority, or permission, to rectify this state of affairs.
Those responsible for the upkeep of the land along the river have been informed and will take remedial action "in due course" (whenever that may be!).
In the meantime anglers must take great care when negotiating these hazards.

This is a day ticket water - Non members must purchase a day ticket before starting to fish. The nearest outlet for day tickets is Outney Meadow Caravan Park, NR35 1HG. Tel. 01986892338

Parking is at the public parking area for walkers at the golf course (the first patch you come to) Walk past Common Pond and across the fields to reach the eastern end (probably the best point to start).

A good rule of thumb here is the furthest walks across the common produce the biggest fish. In a pristine undisturbed setting make the walk down to the old Target and opposite woods it will be well worth while.

Big Chub hang under overhanging tree swims. Double figure Pike can also be caught.

Be prepared for hire canoe traffic on the river during summer months.

There are 400 yards of member only fishing on the Norfolk bank in the vicinity of the Lay-by Pit. Parking for this stretch is at the Pit.

These are shallow streamier waters, well weeded, but can produce a nice evening.
Your swim will be exhausted after a couple of hours so move on.
First part of section has overhanging tree swims that hold good Chub. (Difficult to reach from Suffolk side.)