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River Waveney – tidal sections – Shipmeadow

High tide at the top of the tidal reach is about the same as at London Bridge - you can check the tide times here.

Found half-way between Beccles and Bungay on the B1062. Our waters are on the Suffolk bank.

Parking is on the the side of the road approaching the water abstraction plant - please park neatly and don't block access gates, and ensure farm and water company vehicles have full access.

Access is through the metal gate with club sign on it, across the marsh to a second gate and bridge then onwards to the river or by following the public footpath running towards the Locks Inn.

True flow is from left to right with a tidal rise and fall of about 26".

The stretch towards the upstream end of the water indicated on the map is very shallow in places. Deeper and less weedy water can be found on the bends and just downstream of the Anglian water outlet.

Autumn sees this at its best with many fish moving upstream from Beccles and other downstream areas in winter - a great winter Pike venue.

Early summer for Roach between the weeds and up in the water.

Responds well here to 2.0 grams on the pole, lowered into suitable gaps between the weed.

Big Bream live near to willows on opposite bank, with big Chub upstream towards Roast Beef Corner where there are deep 12ft bends - expect absolutely anything!