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Riverside catches

What’s been happening on the club’s waters over the past weeks.
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Nice summer Chub at Ellingham.

Caught this and another Chub similar size at Ellingham Mill on Cheese
Evening of 17th July

Kevin Hunt
17 July 2020


Superb match results at Dunburgh.


Some great catches made during the match held on February 24th.

Glen Shiplee
24 February 2019


Great Dunburgh session – with a twist!

Fished the Dunburgh stretch recently and had a nice catch, mainly roach with a few perch. Conditions were almost perfect, flood tide, light breeze and a bit of colour in the water.
Had a bite on nearly every run through. Maggot and caster for bait fished on the pole in 16′ of water.

Even hooked and landed this 12lb pike that took a fancy to a single white maggot – for a minute I thought I’d hooked a huge Perch or Chub!

David Lilley
26 October 2018

Ellingham Mill’s wonderful Chub like Dutch cheese!

Caught 4 clonking Chub like this one at Ellingham Mill on Edam Cheese on the evening of July 25th.

Kevin Hunt
25 July 2018


The Chub are still there!

Still some good Chub at Ellingham.

Kevin Hunt
16 October 2017

Mr Cheese does it again!

Two clonking Chub caught at Ellingham Mill on 31st July 2017 on Edam Cheese bait. The second was caught about an hour after the first one.

Kevin Hunt
31 July 2017

Cheesy Chub

Having enjoyed a wonderful session on a day ticket at Bungay Common I look forward to becoming a season ticket holder in 2017.

A cheesy chub
Roly Stagg
14 March 2017


Two more great catches!
Two more super fish caught by Kevin during September.
A clonking Ellingham Chub caught on cheese and one of 2 lovely Tench from the Lay By Pit on luncheon meat.
khunt_chub_19sep16 khunt_tench_19sep16

Kevin Hunt
19 September 2016

A couple of great Waveney Chub

A couple of good Chub have been caught on the Waveney this past week –
This fine fish caught by Kevin Hunt at Ellingham Mill using cheese as bait
Kevin Hunt
5 August 2016

…. and this one caught by Roger Harrison on Outney Common, on a bunch of Brandlings,
despite lots of canoe traffic!r_harrison_outneychub_6aug16
Roger Harrison
6 August 2016


Two nice Chub caught from Ellingham Mill in July and August. One of the fish was caught with a cheese bait .
khunt_chub_4aug15Ellingham Chub

Kevin Hunt
23 July 2015

Bungay Common fishing well
New chub pb on stick and maggot from bottom end of common today. 5 lb 8 oz and 3 others plus 9 lb of prime roach.
Get out there quickly as there are only 3 weeks left of the season!
John Byer
19 February 2015


A nice Chub from Ellingham
A nice Chub caught on the river at Ellingham Mill in fading light. Bait used was cheese.
A summer Chub from Ellingham
Kevin Hunt
August 2014

A great morning on the Lures
It was a very rainy Sunday on the 29th June but it was well worth it. A mornings lure fishing for chub resulted in in 2 chub to 4lb, 4 pike and a perch from the Bungay Common stretch of the Waveney.
A small pike on the lure from Bungay Common
Jamie Mcgrath
29 June 2014

A rare visitor to the river
Male Goosander
A pair of Goosander on the river at Ellingham yesterday which is a first for me on the Waveney.
Although they are fish predators, they ain’t going to be taking anything over 4 oz so less of a problem than the otters.
John Byer
9 January 2014


Another good Ellingham Chub
Another good Chub from Ellingham caught by Kevin Hunt
Nice Chub caught at Ellingham on Cheese Sunday 4th August 2013
Kevin Hunt

Two good Chub from Ellingham

A fine Ellingham Chub Another fine Ellingham Chub

Two lovely summer evenings produced two chub of 4lb at Ellingham.
One on sweetcorn with a maggott swimfeeder and the other on a hair-rig with a chocolate pellet.

Chris Madle
July 2013

A flying Chub from Wainford
Having had a ghastly time in gusty winds at Wainford stretch B on
season opening day, I went back very early on Sunday morning.
A few tiddlers were about near the sluice, but it wasn’t until I
wandered upstream, beside the big oak tree, that I then noticed the
chub cruising around.
I lost a couple of biguns in the weed, but then banked the pictured fish (roughly 4lb).
A fine Chub - caught on the fly
And yes, it was on a fly … a black & flash foam beetle.
The fish were very spooky & skittish after the first was taken,
possibly because it was so bright by then, but I will be back to find
the bigger chunks.
Jon Ninham
June 2013

Good Chub session on Bungay Common – March 2013

Good session on stick float and maggot first weekend of March on the common for 11 chub up to just over 4 lbs.
I had one first chuck, 6 in the first hour, but after two more I lost one and went 30 minutes without a bite.
I moved 50 yds downstream to another alder tree and had 3 more.
After fishing the common for over 30 years, that was my best ever day there for chub, but the roach fishing definitely ain’t what it was!

John Byer