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Severe flood damage to Lay-by Pit

Recent rapid flooding of the River Waveney has caused severe damage to the Otter fencing that surrounds the Pit.


The force of the flood lifted the fence out of the ground and ripped up the surface of the track.


Ian and Kenny have done an excellent job today with social distancing being maintained in repairing the fence but it is a “plaster” job and a length of the fencing will need to be replaced when things return to normal.

With the fence down an otter has been trapped inside the Pit but we are hoping to trap and release outside the lake in the next few days and keep the damage to a minimum.
So far 4 big Carp have been taken that we know of.
With no people fishing, the cormorants seem to have amassed at the lake. Hopefully we can tackle that problem as well.


Full assesment of the damage will be made once the water has fully subsided but there is no doubt a lot of work will be needed to bring the water back to its former state.

With winter weather and current severe Covid19 restrictions in place any large scale repair and restoration work will have to wait but once we are able, the Club will be calling on ALL members to join in and contribute towards this work.