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Shipmeadow no longer a Club water

It is with regret that the Committee has to inform its members that we no longer have fishing rights on SHIPMEADOW marshes.
The Land owner has become increasingly frustrated at the trespassing and abuse of boat traffic and in some cases, anglers.
He has therefore decided to pursue other options.
After discussing the situation with the Club’s LVP, things were left on very amicable terms and who knows what the future may hold?
Unfortunately a sign of our changing times.

Also in response to the loss of this water, our Baliff, Steve Lane has resigned from his duties to the Club and no longer represents the Club in any official capacity.
The committee has thanked him for his help these past years and wish him well for the future.

G. Shiplee (Chairman – on behalf of the Committee. )”

The Club Book has been amended to reflect this change.