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Statement from the Chairman – September 2020

It has been brought to the attention of the Committee that not only via the media sites but also on the bank and in the tackle shops, a number of people have been criticising the Committee and moaning about the Club and the way it’s being run.

As Chairman I feel we need to respond to this.

The Club is at present in a very good position regarding membership (approaching 400), finance and facilities. Still people find the time to moan.
The majority of the committee have been on board since the days when we had less than 100 members and a massive 26 pence in the bank.
If it hadn’t of been for the Life VP taking action at the AGM that year I believe there would be no Club today.
It was because of this that all honorariums etc., were discarded and the Club was dragged back to the position it is today by the Committee who give their time and resources for free.

Comments like – “When I used to run a Club….”, “The Committee all need replacing….” And – “I don’t have to do that at other venues I fish…..” To be frank are misplaced by uninformed and for want of a better word, ignorant people.

Things ain’t like they used to be, times have changed, fishing has changed, even in the last 20 years, let alone 30 or 40.
The majority of people don’t want to walk to pegs and don’t want the challenge of catching fish with an amount of finesse.

Often their experience of fishing is watching mainstream TV, of those equipped with big hooks, big lines cranking in big fish, seeking instant action and 200 lbs bags.
Neither is loud laughter, shouting and the virtual hooliganism often displayed therein.
Artistry, patience and peace and quiet goes out of the window, not to mention these programmes often take place on the exclusive domains of the rich and privileged.
All a far cry from humble Clubs and the bread and butter of public waters rarely mentioned.

If you feel you can do a better job than us, then come to the AGM and join the committee.

If you don’t like our rules on various waters then fish other venues.

Good relationships have been built by the Committee with Landowners to secure long leases and with the EA etc., in regards to fish and facility management. Whilst at the same time dealing with modern bureaucracy which at times makes us wonder why we bother.

It should also be pointed out that we hire the fishing rights of the waters but are still directed by the leases signed or public bylaws.

Some of the criticism of the Club is also directed at the Match Anglers.
I think its fair to point out that the Club was initially set up by anglers who wanted some friendly competition and that the Committee since then has been largely attended by Match Anglers and that the vast majority of work carried out at the Club is and has been done, by Match Anglers.

Some of the moaning has been directed at the Committee because of no AGM. Again we are in a situation never experienced by anyone, EVER. We have to act in any way that we feel protects the Club, its Members, and our fish and if people read the communication posted on our media will see that nothing has been written in stone.

I am sure that the gripers and groaners are in a minority but I still feel they need to be answered.

If any member has a complaint then please put it in writing and you will be answered. Or even better, come to the next AGM. (Whenever we are allowed to hold one.)

G. Shiplee (Chairman and Chief Executive, on behalf of the Committee)