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Still waters – Lay-by Pit

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An aerial view

The complete 3 acre lake is fenced in against Otters and cattle. Please ensure all gates are kept fully closed.

Good depths to 14 feet to your right with 8 feet close to.

Shallower areas are to the left hand side to 5 feet, where Rudd and Carp prosper, with similar depths at the bottom, river, end.

A good head of Carp to 20lb with Tench approaching double figures present and some quality Bream; also stocked with Roach, Rudd, Crucian, Skimmers and Perch, making it an excellent mixed fishery.

Pike have been controlled but there is, reputedly, at least one 17 pounder at large!

Does flood a bit in the winter - in these circumstances park in the lay-by on the road.

This is a members only water - no day tickets.

1. Anglers are restricted to using one rod only when fishing this water.
2. Barbless hooks only. Hook lengths must not exceed 10lb breaking strain.
3. All ledger rigs are to be running rigs. All bolt rigs are banned.
4. No floating baits.
5. No night fishing.
6. Fishing permitted from permanent swims only.
7. No dogs allowed on site (this is a condition of the lease).