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Roach for the Lay-by

November 2020

128lb of quality Roach were introduced to the Pit on the 15th. Hopefully more to follow!


Carp for Lay-by and Tench for Ellingham

November 2020

The Club took up the offer of a few hundred 1-2lb Carp offered at very short notice at rock bottom prices.


The Club has also stocked Ellingham Lake with a further 1000 small Tench to add to the diversity of fish stocks here.
The Tench stocked a year ago appear to be doing well.


Bream will will also go into both lakes in a few weeks time, restrictions allowing.

Stocking at Ellingham

November 2019

The Club does not generally stock this water but the offer of 250 small Tench was seen as an opportunity not to be missed. With the permission of the water’s owners these were released on 12 November.



The fish, both male and female, are between 12 and 18 months old and may take a while to show but make a welcome addition to the fish species in the water.

Lay-by Pit stocking policy.

The prime purpose of stocking the Lay-by Pit is, and always has been, to create, and maintain, a quality mixed fishery that can be enjoyed by all members of the Club.

A few years ago, and controversially to some, Carp were introduced to the water. The purpose was not to convert the water into a Carp fishery but to improve the quality of the water and encourage greater competition for available food resources amongst fish species.

The introduction has been largely successful –

  • Before introduction swims 3 to 10, the area between the bank and the island, was un-fishable due to silt and silk weed which despite efforts to remove clogged the water. Fish activity in this area since introduction of the Carp has cleared this area and made the swims some of the most productive on the water.
  • The water has always been a challenge due to the large quantity of natural food to be found in the water. Since the introduction of Carp, competition for this natural resource has increased leading to better catches for anglers.

Control of the Pike population in recent years may also have had a beneficial effect on fish stocks.

The Club’s policy is to continue to stock all relevant still water species (excepting Pike) as and when necessary to replace losses, maintain the balance of fish stocks and keep the water as the excellent mixed fishery it currently is.

Current stocking plan – The Club introduced more Bream and Skimmers in December 2018 and the committee has agreed to stock Crucians in autumn 2019 as funds permit (it’s an expensive business!).

Some of the stocking at the Lay-by Pit in recent years

December 2018

Several tubs of good quality Bream and skimmers introduced on 15 December 2018


February 2017

Several net loads of good quality skimmers were introduced on 18 February 2017.


December 2014

Some 4 to 5 tub loads of Crucian Carp and 5 to 6 tub loads of skimmers were introduced to the pit by Ian Moore and Glenn Shipley on 5 December.

The fish looked healthy and fit and shot off as soon as they were introduced to the water. Not one dead or lethargic fish.
Looks like Ian has found a good supplier!




March 2014

Tom Harbinson provided the 600 small mirror carp up to 10 ounces, and 100 bigger Commons to 5 lbs put in to the pit on 10 March, which it is hoped will eat the weed and colour the water.

Small Mirror Carp

Some of the small Mirror Carp

Common Carp

Some of the Commons about to be introduced

Ian and Glen with some Commons

Ian and Glen present some of the Commons

December 2013

We guess about 8 -10000 roach mainly 3 – 5 ozs with some 8 ozs , and the odd bream, went into the Lay-by from our Otley College friends netting activities, who we thank sincerely for a very good deal.

Otley Roach netting

Thanks due to Ian Moore and Paul Dean who went to collect them.

July 2013

Some great little Crucian Carp – 1000 little beauties up to 2/3 ozs were introduced to the pit on 17 July

Getting ready Some great little Crucians In they go!

Pictures – Tom Harbinson, Ian Moore and Stan Woods, former Chairman and Life-vice President helping out.

January 2013 – Some superb Bream Specimens

Netted from Weybread Lakes and purchased for the Lay-by Pit – a modest £250.