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Maintaining our waters

The club’s Lay-by Pit will be closed for fishing for the whole day normally on the third Sunday in May each year for working parties to do maintenance, clearing, and sometimes construction work.

All members are requested to turn up and get involved in this work, after all, it is your club and you should make a contribution to its successful operation.

The Club is also compiling a list of members willing to be called on, as and when, to join working parties on specific waters.
Interested in becoming a working party volunteer (and a valued member of the club)? – then click here to sign up.

Working party dates for 2018

Saturday 17 November from 8.00am – Lay-by Pit – Autumn clear up – Grass cutting, clearing and burning fallen branches, tidying swims, fence maintenance.

All members are asked to attend at least one working party as a personal contribution to the ongoing success of the club.

Working party – Common Pond – 9 April 2016

The access to swims on the pond has been deteriorating for many years and the decision was made to carry out a major clearance of trees and scrub along the north bank of the pond to improve access and open up new swims.

It was a very successful, if rather wet, day but very disappointing that of a total membership of some 350 only one member turned up to help the committee.

Before clearance starts

Before clearance starts.

Clearance starts

Clearance under way.

Heavy duty kit needed to clear the swim

Heavy duty kit is needed to clear a swim.

Try hauling this by hand!

Try hauling this by hand!

Some of the "team"!

Some of the “team”!

Burning the brush is not allowed so a shredder has had to be hired

Burning the brush is not allowed so a shredder has had to be hired.

The result of a hard, wet, day's work - and all for YOUR benefit!

The result of a hard, wet, day’s work – and all for YOUR benefit!

More work is needed to complete the clearing up to the top of the pond – let’s hope we get more members support next time?

Working party – Ellingham Hall Lake – 26/7 October 2015

Work commissioned by the committee, and with assistance from committee members has seen the deepening of the water in front of each peg to allow for the correct installation of keepnets.

Dredging starts

Dredging starts


The spoil dredged up was used to build new, flat, fishing stations which will allow for safer and more comfortable fishing.

The stations will take time to settle down so please take care at the water’s edge as it will be very soft for some while and please be aware of deep water at the edge of the swim.

Please also avoid walking on the newly seeded areas.

Dredging of the swim is complete

Dredging of the swim is complete

The fishing station is shaped and levelled

The fishing station is shaped and levelled

Installation of the boarding involved knocking in some 160 pegs!

Installation of the boarding involved knocking in some 160 pegs!

A brilliant job which will very much enhance the fishing experience at the lake.

Thanks to our members who helped and to Tony, Dave and Terry.

Working party – Ellingham, new water – Wednesday 7th May 2015

A successful mornings work by mostly (but not all!) retired members saw access to the new stretch of the Waveney at Ellingham largely completed.
Work involved installation of a new gate by the parking area on the road and construction of a footbridge across the dyke.
Positioning of the sleeper bridge proved interesting and nearly resulted in Secretary Dave Gladwell being deposited in the dyke (shame!) but it’s pretty solid and will just need some time to settle into place.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts.

Working party at Ellingham

The working party on completion of the work.

Gate access

The new gate gives access to the field beyond. Watch out for steep slope beyond!

Footbridge over dyke

The sleeper bridge across the dyke. It’s narrow and will get slippery!