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Working party volunteers

The club is compiling a list of volunteer members willing to offer their time, on an occasional basis, in maintaining some of the club’s waters.

The work should not be that arduous (we can hire machinery for the heavy stuff!) and is likely to be limited to general tidying, clearing  scrub, fallen branches and the like, cutting grass and keeping swims clean and snag free.

Working days would normally be on a Saturday with the occasional mid-week if people were available.

If you can help your club in this way please fill out and submit the form below and you’ll be notified by email when a working party is being called together,

Thank you

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Thanks for offering to be a working party volunteer

Please enter your details below and then click on the Submit button at the bottom of the form.

The club will keep your details solely for the purpose of contacting you when a working day is being planned, but for data protection purposes you are asked to give your permission that the club will hold these details.

You have an option here to choose the water(s) you would be willing to work at.
You may have your own favourite water and may wish to just work at that site.
Please check the box next to the water(s) you will be happy to work at.